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Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery, Branson

Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery (12)

Most trout hatcheries are located in cooler climates, like in the northern states, so I was a little surprised to learn there was a trout hatchery near Branson in Missouri.  I thought I’d give the place a closer look – as do nearly a thousand  people each day
The Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery sits along the water’s edge of Lake Taneycomo at the base of the immense Table Rock Dam.  It’s because of the construction of Table Rock Dam that a trout fishing environment exists in Lake Taneycomo.  The dam mostly drains the cooler water from the base of Table Rock Lake into Lake Taneycomo, creating cool water conducive to trout habitat and, as such, a popular trout fishery.

Table Rock Dam Spillway, viewed from Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery

Table Rock Dam Spillway, viewed from Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery

As …

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“Pic of the Week”, March 2, 2018: School of Fish, Sparks, Nevada


One of our stops during a recent visit to the Reno area was the Outlets at Sparks.   The store selection and shopping experience left a bit to be desired, but there were some clever pieces of public art including this one, which I really liked.  Anyone who’s ever watched a school of sardines swim know how the individual fish merge into a collective organism, and that idea was brilliantly captured in this piece.

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A Day at the New England Aquarium, Boston


I love visiting zoos and aquariums — at least most of them.  I believe they offer an excellent chance for people to see and study our planet’s fellow inhabitants, and that they are one of the most important conservation tools available to us.   People are much more likely to conserve animals and ecosystems they have an emotional tie to.  As a life-long student of biology and nature, I always find something new and fun everytime I go.

Boston’s New England Aquarium, while far from the biggest or best, is a nice place to spend a day with a family.  It is a popular tourist destination, hosting more than a million visitors each year.  Besides the aquatic attractions within the Aquarium …

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Catania’s Fabulous Market



Besides the sight of Mt. Etna looming not far away, perhaps the most famous landmark in Catania is its lively fish market, La Pescheria.  There’s more to the market than seafood, but I’ve never encountered a more diverse selection of fresh seafood anywhere.  And the operative word is fresh as much of the merchandise was still flopping and flipping about.  The fish mongers are a lively bunch, trying to entice everyone passing by to purchase their fish, which are said to be the best and/or cheapest in the market.

Given that it’s situated on the Gulf of Catania, it’s not surprising to find that seafood is so popular with the locals and a key ingredient in local cuisine.  You’ll find massive …

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“Pic of the Week”, October 9, 2015: Piranha, Rio Oroso, Peru

093 Orosa River.   Pirranaha 02-95

One of my most memorable trips was a week spent aboard a floating houseboat on one of the tributaries of the Amazon River.  It was the Rio Oroso in Peru, about a 6 hour boat ride from Iquitos.  While the Amazon itself is massive, several miles wide even more than a thousand miles from it’s mouth, you need to head into its tributaries to find the Amazon jungle.

The houseboat was primitive, a building made of logs and thatched roof, floating in a river, kept in place by ties to the bank.   No electricity, although river water was pumped into a tank in the ceiling so we were able to shower and such (although you couldn’t drink it). The sun set …

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