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A Visit to the Historic Gold-mining town of Hope, Alaska

00 Hope Alaska

The village of Hope lies at the northern end of the Kenai Peninsula, on the south shore of the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet. You can reach this community by driving the 17-mile (27 km) Hope Highway, a branch off the Seward Highway, so it’s a place you need to make an effort to visit. But the drive is nice and you’ll find a pleasant town at the end of the trip.
The first gold rush in Alaska happened right here in Hope — a few years before the Klondike and Nome goldrushes.  News of the gold find in Hope reached Seattle and in 1895 some 3,000 stampeders arrived to make their fortune, many of them rowing part of the way …

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Scenes from Banff National Park in Winter

06 Banff area winter

While the cold weather and especially the long winters can be a drag in Canada, there are some days when the beauty of the scenery almost makes it worth while.
Banff National Park is one of my favorite places in the world. My wife and I headed out there with our dogs a few weeks back (dogs on leashes are welcome in Canadian National Parks), and were rewarded with beautiful mountain landscapes.
Most of these photos were taken around Lake Minnewanka, the largest lake in the park, which was frozen sold. Lots of people were walking on the ice and, it being Canada, a hockey game was being played on the lake. The building in the middle of the ice is the …

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MacBride Museum, Whitehorse

00 MacBride Museum, Whitehorse

I’ve visited the MacBride museum twice, first in the late 1990s and again 20 years later. The museum had changed a lot. The building that houses it had expanded significantly (growing some 15,000 square feet) and its collection and display space have also grown.
The MacBride Museum has been collecting and documenting the Yukon’s history for almost 70 years.  The Museum was founded by the Yukon Historical Society and later named for W.D. MacBride.  Mr. MacBride was born in Montana, was orphaned as a child, and moved to Alaska in 1912.  A few years later he relocated to Whitehorse where he lived, married, raised a family, and worked for almost 50 years as an employee of the White Pass and Yukon …

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Street Murals of LaComb


LaCombe is a small town of around 13,000 residents in central Alberta, between Calgary and Edmonton. It has a charming historic core and an interesting collection of street murals.
Lacombe is named after Father Albert Lacombe (1827–1916), a Catholic missionary who served as peacemaker between the Cree and Blackfoot tribes and facilitated the Canadian Pacific Railway construction of Canada’s transcontinental railway.
LaCombe’s mural program is unusual in that the murals are located BEHIND the buildings, often in alleyways or facing rear parking lots, and are hard to see from main roads. You really need to look for them, but I found them worth seeing. The murals feature historic scenes from the city’s past and incorporate the building’s design into the mural itself.
Most …

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A Visit to Florida’s Butterfly World

01 Butterfly World, Florida (1)

Situated in Coconut Creek, part of the greater Fort Lauderdale area, is the world’s largest butterfly park. If you have any interest in seeing large numbers of butterflies flitting about, this place should be on your list of destinations to visit when in Southern Florida.
Butterfly World is a large complex of connecting building and gardens, covering ten acres. It’s home to over 80 species and from 3,000 to 20,000 live butterflies from around the globe. As most butterflies are short lived (about a week in the wild, two weeks in captivity), a considerable effort is required to support their reproduction and repopulation. Butterfly World prides itself in having created conditions in which butterflies thrive.

Butterfly World, Florida

Butterfly World, Florida

Butterfly World is the product of the …

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Nyhavn: The Best of Copenhagen

00 Nyhavn

Copenhagen is nice city, but not one I’d consider among Europe’s most beautiful. An exception to this is Nyhavn, one of Copenhagen’s neighborhoods, which has undeniable appeal and charm. If there is a more stereotypical Scandanavian neighorhood, I don’t know of it.
Nyhavn was constructed by popular Danish King Christian V between 1670 to 1675. The harbor was dug by Swedish prisoners of war and provided access from the old inner city at Kongens Nytorv (King’s Square) to the sea.



Originally Nyhavn was a commercial harbor at which ships from around the world would dock. Most of its colorful buildings were built in the 17th and 18th century, and its docks back then were busy with sailors, fishermen, dockworkers, and ladies of …

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Sunsets in Paradise

Waikiki Sunset 01

One of the most popular spots on Oahu is Waikiki, and that’s especially true of the beach at sunset. Thousands of tourists and locals crowd in for a variety of reasons. Some are there to sunbathe or swim. Others are there to surf or paddle-board. Some come for a sunset sail or cruise. Many more are there just to enjoy the sights and colors of the setting sun. The clouds and weather combine to make each sunset a unique experience.
During my last trip to Hawaii, we spent 3 nights in Waikiki and were always on the beach when the sun was ready to dip below the horizon. The colors were impressive and on this series of images I wanted to …

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Gal Vihara, Sri Lanka

00 Gal Vihara (2)

One of the most amazing sites in Sri Lanka is the Gal Vihara, which is located within the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  I thought the Gal Vihara was unusual and interesting enough to warrant a more detailed blog.   During my last visit I spent a full hour here, studying and photographing details of the carvings and just watching people.   
This has long been a site of Buddhist worship and teaching.  Gal Vihara (meaning ‘Rock Temple’) is an amazing collection of beautifully sculpted Buddha images carved from a massive granite boulder.  The scope of the carvings and their beautiful detail never cease to amaze me.  Hard to imagine the time it …

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