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“Pic of the Week”, February 28, 2020: The Hurricane Monument, Florida Keys

01 Hurricane monument

A quick stop worth your time when driving along the Overseas Highway (Highway 1) is to see the Hurricane Monument in the small island town of Islamorada, at mile marker 81.5.

The monument commemorates the more than 400 people killed in the severe hurricane which swept through the area on September 2, 1935.  The number of deceased is an estimate as an exactly count was not possible as many bodies had been washed out to sea.  Many of the perished were World War I veterans who had been working on the construction of the Overseas Highway as part of a Great Depression work project.

The Hurricane that hit the island was a Category Five storm and one of the strongest hurricanes ever …

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Lunch at Madrid’s San Miguel Market

01 Madrid’s San Miguel Market (1)

We  stumbled upon this market as we were wandering around Madrid, rather than my usual method of researching and then visiting.  Our first glance of the San Miguel market is what you see above.  An attractive building of steel and glass that, to me at least, seemed inviting. 

Mercado de San Micuel is close to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.  The market opened in 1916 and while not large, is spacious, bright and quite lovely.  About ten years ago, after a change in ownership and a remodel, the market transformed from a general market to an upscale venue that focuses on premium food products.  As such, it’s a popular place for locals and tourists to pick up lunch or a snack …

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“Pic of the Week”, February 21, 2020: Battery Park, Charleston

01 Charleston Battery Park

There are many places in Charleston where you can enjoy views of the city’s Harbor and, if you turn around, get to see rows of beautiful historic homes.  If you also want a place to sit and relax, and enjoy the fresh breeze, among the best spots in town is historic Battery Park

The Battery features a seawall and was constructed several centuries ago as a defensive site.  The place has been witness to a lot of history.  Dozens of pirates were hung here from oak trees and gallows in the early 1700s and were left to ripen on the noose as a deterrent to other pirates.  During the War of 1812, the point was occupied by Fort Broughton; cannons were …

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Some Doors from Jojawar, India


Jojawar is a fairly small community in the Rajasthan region of India.  We spent several days here and I really enjoyed this part of our trip.  It’s a more traditional community than many of the others we visited, with, for example many men in Jojawar having beards and wearing turbins — something you don’t see much of in India’s bigger cities anymore. 

 As I was sorting through my images from this community it became clear that there were many interesting doors in this small community, which is the theme of today’s blog.

I hope to share more stories from Jojawar with you in the future. 

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Some Signs from Key West

03 Signs of Key West

It’s often said of cities people visit that there’s no other place quite like it.  Well, that’s definitely true of Key West, the most southern point in Florida.

Many cities have unique qualities — Vancouver BC and it’s beautiful harbor, New Orleans with its fascinating French Quarter, San Francisco and its Golden Gate — you get the idea.

I’ve often visited Florida, but this past trip marked my first visit to Key West.  I was delighted with what I found.  It’s an eclectic mix of history, the sea, grown up hippies, people who respect the military, partying, and a positive attitude about life.  The place is a lot of fun!

Regular readers of this website know that I like to collect photos of the …

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A Food Tour in Milan

00 Milan Food Tour, Brera neighborhood. (2) Panificio

When my wife and I travel in Europe, we tend to focus each trip on a small region.  Generally we visit one or two major cities, each for 5-7 days including day trips into the countryside.  Also, if our schedule allows and we find one of interest, we will go on a food tour in the cities we’re visiting.

When we visited Milan this past fall, we enjoyed a very fine food tour.  Our guide was Paulo, a professional guide who works for different companies around the city of Milan.  Our particular tour was focused on the city’s popular Brera neighborhood.  He did a great job guiding us through sights in Brera and explaining the city’s food cultural traditions and dishes.

Fresh pasta at Pattini's, Milan

Fresh pasta at Pattini’s, Milan

Our …

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Great Cars along the Highway: 1948 Ford Tudor Super Deluxe Sedan

00 1948 Ford Tudor Super Deluxe

This beautiful 1948 Ford was part of a car show in Calgary.  It’s powered by a 403 cu inch V8.  I remember as a boy, one of our family friends had a car of about this vintage and design, and I loved going for a ride in it. Couldn’t see much from the back seat as a kid, but it was still a fun ride.

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The “Maid of the Mist”

00 Maid of the Mist

The Maid of the Mist is an interesting boat tour of Niagara Falls which takes you up to the plunge pool of one of the world’s greatest waterfalls and let’s you experience its roar and spray up close.  The boat tour starts and ends on the American side of the Niagara River, near Rainbow Bridge, but crosses into Canada when it approaches Horseshoe Falls.

The original Maid of the Mist was christened in 1846 and served as a ferry connecting the Canadian and American sides of the Niagara River, part of a link between New York City and Toronto.  It was a powered by steam generated from a wood/coal-fired boiler and could carry up to 100 passengers.

Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls

Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls

The ferry service did well

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