“Pic of the Week”, February 12, 2021: Birdhouses of Tivoli

Birdhouses of Tivoli (3)

Spent a pleasant late summer day wandering Tivoli Gardens in downtown Copenhagen.  Within this historic family park we came across this cluster of interesting bird houses.
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“Pic of the Week”, February 5, 2021: Gargoyles of Wawel Hill, Krakow

Gargoyles of Wawel Hill 01

Gargoyles are designed to move water away from the side of a building.  Often they are carved of stone and can be found on old cathedrals.  I found these metal gargoyles in Krakow to be quite interesting.
When we visited Wawel Hill, we were impressed by the large variety of gargoyles around the complex.  All were made of crafted metal.  Several of them seemed shaped like dragons, some even having crowns on their head; others looked like monstrous birds. Quite interesting decorations, even when viewed by silhouette.
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“Pic of the Week”, January 15, 2021: Robba Fountain, Ljubljana


An interesting monument to see in Ljubljana, a symbol of the city, is the Robba Fountain (Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers).  It’s situated in Mesti trg Square in front of Ljubljana Town Hall, and is a good spot to enjoy nice views of the city’s historic core and the people moving about here.

This Baroque fountain was completed in 1751 by Venetian-born sculptor Francesco Robba, who spent most of his life working in Ljubljana.  The fountain he crafted is made of Carrara marble and consists of three male figures with water jugs, representing the three rivers of Carniola: the Ljubljanica, Sava and Krka.  In it’s center is a 10 foot tall obelisk made of local sandstone.
In 2006, the original fountain was …

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Catania’s Great Cathedral, Sicily

00 Catania Cathedral (4)

Catania Cathedral faces the city’s main square, and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.
As you stand in Catania’s main square and look at the exterior of the cathedral, you’ll be impressed by its beautiful Baroque features.  The many lovely marble figures decorating the exterior and grounds of the building add to its uniqueness.  It’s easy to see why the cathedral is one of Catania’s most popular buildings — both during daylight hours and at night.
Catania Cathedral is also known as Saint Agatha Cathedral in honor of a young Christian martyr named Agatha who was killed at this site in the third century.  Agatha was said to have been a beautiful and pious young girl born into a good family.  …

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Some Street Art from Slovenia

00 Street Art Ljublajana

This post contains a few photos of some of the art we discovered while wandering the streets of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, which I hope you enjoy.  The first we encountered was this statue of a bull taken outside of a bank near the apartment where we were staying — shades of Wall Street!
There were an interesting assortment of statues and much that we saw….
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Around Marlborough, Wiltshire

01 Marlborough (3)

Marlborough is a small town located not far from Stonehenge.  We had visited Stonehenge late in the afternoon and stayed over-night in Marlborough at a historic inn known as the Castle and Ball, which dates to the mid-18th century (rooms are mediocre, but it has a good restaurant).
The next morning after breakfast my brother and I explored the town a little before hitting the road.  Our wanderings were mostly around the environs of the city’s broad High Street.  On Saturdays and Wednesdays, as has been the tradition for hundreds of years, High Street hosts a market selling all kinds of  locally produced food and goods, which I would have enjoyed experiencing (unfortunately we were not there on those days).  High …

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Some Doors of Stockholm


A sampling of some of the interesting doors I encountered during my exploration of Stockholm during a recent visit.
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A Visit to the Stockholm Cathedral

Storkyrkn 01

Stockholm has a fascinating medieval Cathedral known as Storykyrkn (the great church), which is dedicated to St. Nicholas.  It was built in 1279 on the highest hill in the old city, on an island called Stadsholmen.  Originally Catholic, the Cathedral has since 1527 been a Lutheran church.  It’s located next to the Royal Castle in Stockholm’s old town (Gamla Stan) and has born witness to many of the highlights of Swedish history.  It’s still an active church, with religious services and concerts, and places for meditation and prayer.  The wedding of  Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel took place here in 2010, as did her parent’s wedding in 1976….

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