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The Critters of La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

00 La Sagrada Familila

Gaudi’s fabulous La Sagrada Familia cathedral is well known for its innovative architecture.  Gaudi was a fan of nature and tried to incorporate elements of it in his buildings.

While visiting La Sagrada Familia, I notice a veritable zoo’s worth of animal designs incorporated into the structure.  Some, like a turtle bearing a pillar or reptiles crawling the exterior of the building are quite obvious.  Most subtle and interesting were the insects and other small creatures incorporated into some of the metalwork around the doors.

Exterior detail of lizard, La Sagrada Familia
(Exterior detail of lizard, La Sagrada Familia)

Look carefully at the images below and see how many different types of critters you can see in and on the great cathedral:

(Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos):

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