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Why DrFumblefinger?  It’s a nickname given to me by my dear friend, Sir Arthur C. Clarke (you can read more about that story on this post).  Arthur was my favorite author, a scientific visionary, and had a profound influence on my life.  Getting to know Arthur and having the opportunity to visit him multiple times at his home in Sri Lanka rank among the greatest experiences of my life.  Arthur was a kind and gracious man, brilliant beyond belief, whom I deeply miss.  As such, the nickname he gave me is something I wear with great pride and affection.

I am a physician in a busy hospital practice so I have limited spare time, but I do love to travel and explore the world (including my own backyard).  I enjoy planning and researching trips and learning from other’s travel and life experiences.  Likewise, I don’t mind sharing some of what I’ve learned in my travels.  Traveling and getting to know new cultures is a great way of developing a more understanding and friendly world.

I’ve been blogging a few years now and this website is very much a work in progress, a combination of ongoing travel and some past travel highlights.  I’m continually adding travel posts and photos and am especially proud that this website allows me to share high resolution images of my travel photos in the accompanying slideshows.  That remains a key focus of this website — to try to provide you with interesting text associated with good quality photos that you can see in high resolution on a monitor (I did not try to optimize the site for iPhones, sorry).  You’ll definitely get more enjoyment of my photographs with a fast internet connection as my images are sizable files.  I hope you take time to view some of these.

I’m also a co-founder of and contributor to a great online travel community, travelgumbo.com.  Travelgumbo offers a lot of material to enjoy — photos, blogs, a forum — several new things up every day so check it out!

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or suggestions by using “Contact Me”.  If you’d like to subscribe to the blog to find out when I’ve posted new material please fill out the subscription form that appears towards the top right of most pages.  Comments on posts are kept open for a few months, then closed (but if you have something you’d like me to put on an older, use the Contact Me form and I’ll add it).

A note of thanks to a special friend, Pamela Thompson.  It is because of Pam’s great computer expertise and patient guidance that this website is being crafted.  Not only is Pam beautiful, she’s brilliant and gifted.  Thanks, my dear, for your continous help and for being the finest thing that ever happened to Lester (her husband, my buddy).

Karl Anders, M.D., Calgary, Alberta
E-mail: tgdrfumblefinger@gmail.com
Twitter: @drfumblefinger


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