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Patriot Park at the College of the Ozarks, Missouri

00 College of the Ozarks War Memorial, Branson

College of the Ozarks is an interesting private college in Missouri that we’ve visited before. It being Memorial Day in the USA today, I thought it would be appropriate to feature the college’s war memorials.
Situated in a cluster at the periphery of the campus are several patriotic memorials that honor those who served and sacrificed to preserve American liberties.

The Missouri Gold Star Families Memorial honors Gold Star Families — those who have lost a loved one in war.  A reminder that freedom is not free.
The gentleman above is on his way to serve his country but stops to honor …

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“Pic of the Week”, April 21, 2023: Vintage Fire Trucks, Alberta

00 Fire Trucks, Bomber Command Museum

The Bomber Command Museum of Canada, housed in the small Alberta town of Nanton, includes in its varied collection two old fire trucks.  Both of these served on air force bases in Alberta in WW II, intended to protect the bases in case of emergencies.  Both are in excellent condition.
The larger is a 1942 Ford and the smaller is a 1943 Ford.  Rather lovely, aren’t they?
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“Pic of the Week”, April 14, 2023: Trowbridge Falls, Thunder Bay

01 Towbridge Falls, Thunder Bay

A pretty spot for a picnic in northwestern Ontario is Trowbridge Falls.  The falls are in a conservation area on the Current River, and are nicely terraced.  In the summer people like to wade into the falls to sit down and cool off, and kids love playing in the water.  The flow is not too rapid and it’s a pretty safe  environment.  The water is surprisingly warm in the summertime.
There are hiking trails in the adjoining forest.  In the winter the trails around here are popular with cross-country skiers.
There is a campground adjoining the park and legend has it that the spot is haunted.  There are a lot of stories of unexplained mischief that have been ascribed to ghosts.  Not …

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“Pic of the Week”, March 31, 2023: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!

PA061243 – Copy

Situated in downtown Helena’s Walking Mall is a bronze statue of a newsboy, holding up a paper.  He’s shouting out a headline, his sleeves rolled up, with a typical newsboy’s cap on his head.  Our younger audience probably wouldn’t know that there was a time when people relied on newspapers to get their news — not their phone or laptop.
The statue is entitled “Extra! Extra!”.  It was sculpted by Becky Eiker in 1998 and was dedicated in July 1999.  It’s “A tribute to the faithful newsboys who sold their papers on these street corners, bringing the latest news to the people of Helena”.
“Extra Extra” is now one of Helena’s landmarks.
(Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos)

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“Pic of the Week”, March 24, 2023: Whiteshell River, Manitoba

06 Whiteshell River and Lone Island Lake (2)

Located in eastern Manitoba, in Whiteshell Provincial Park, this river was a special place to me as a boy and teenager.  It was here that our father often took us fishing in the late spring and early summer, especially to Lone Island Lake.  When I recently revisited the Whiteshell River, I’d forgotten how pretty the place is.
The river connects a series of lakes which become difficult to navigate in the late summer because wild rice grows in abundance.  It’s been decades since I saw natives harvest the rice, bending the stems over their canoes and then using a club to knock the rice grains loose onto a tarp.
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The Mormon Temple, Cardston, Alberta

00 Cardston Mormon Temple

Besides being home to a world-class carriage museum, the small Alberta town of Cardston also has an impressive Mormon temple—the first built in Canada, as well as the first built outside the USA.  Mormon settlers came to the region in late 19th century and settled here, some 15 miles north of the USA-Canada Border.
The temple site was dedicated on 27 July 1913 by Joseph F. Smith, with groundbreaking later that year.  Construction was delayed because of World War I and the building was not completed until 1923, when the temple was dedicated.   Cardston’s is just one of eight Mormon temples that do not have an angel Moroni statue.
The temple sits atop a small hill — the high …

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Idaho’s Roaring Lochsa River

00 Lochsa River

Idaho has some outstanding whitewater experiences for rafters and kayakers, but few compare with the Lochsa (pronounced lock-saw) River, especially for those looking for a string of seemingly endless rapids.   Apparently the fishing is also great, but most people come to run the river, especially in late spring when the water is at its best.  At times of peak flow, many of the rapids are class VI (at the limits of navigation), with at least 60 being graded as class III – IV (medium to difficult).   The water passing through the river at peak flow is twice that going through the Grand Canyon.
The name Lochsa is a Nez Perce word meaning “rough water”, and rafting it is not for the …

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Family Fun in Centennial Park, Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay 09-2010 (14)

Developed in 1967 in celebration of Canada’s 100th birthday, Centennial Park covers approximately 147 acres (60 ha) along the Current River.  The park is situated at the north end of Thunder Bay, Ontario.
The park was built to represent the history of logging in the area, which is well known for its pulp and paper industry.  The park features replicas of conditions at logging camps in the early 20th century.  Very popular during the summer is a ride on the Muskeg Express Train,
The park also has recreational facilities, such as hiking or cross-country skiing trails, a picnic area, an animal farm, and a toboggan hill.  A new children’s play area is being constructed.  It is a great day’s destination for a …

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