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Patriot Park at the College of the Ozarks, Missouri

00 College of the Ozarks War Memorial, Branson

College of the Ozarks is an interesting private college in Missouri that we’ve visited before. It being Memorial Day in the USA today, I thought it would be appropriate to feature the college’s war memorials.
Situated in a cluster at the periphery of the campus are several patriotic memorials that honor those who served and sacrificed to preserve American liberties.

The Missouri Gold Star Families Memorial honors Gold Star Families — those who have lost a loved one in war.  A reminder that freedom is not free.
The gentleman above is on his way to serve his country but stops to honor …

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“Pic of the Week”, March 31, 2023: Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!

PA061243 – Copy

Situated in downtown Helena’s Walking Mall is a bronze statue of a newsboy, holding up a paper.  He’s shouting out a headline, his sleeves rolled up, with a typical newsboy’s cap on his head.  Our younger audience probably wouldn’t know that there was a time when people relied on newspapers to get their news — not their phone or laptop.
The statue is entitled “Extra! Extra!”.  It was sculpted by Becky Eiker in 1998 and was dedicated in July 1999.  It’s “A tribute to the faithful newsboys who sold their papers on these street corners, bringing the latest news to the people of Helena”.
“Extra Extra” is now one of Helena’s landmarks.
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Yellowstone National Park’s beautiful Hayden Valley!

00 Hayden Valley

There are many beautiful valleys in Wyoming, but this one deserves a closer look.  Hayden Valley contains the outflow of Lake Yellowstone, with its Yellowstone River continuing north to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, then on towards the Missouri River.  The valley is named in honor of Ferdinand Hayden who did important early geologic surveys in the Yellowstone region.
The valley was known to pioneer trappers and explorers who made their way to Yellowstone Lake along the Yellowstone River.  Today it’s best known for a migrating herd of bison, which my wife and I have seen every time we’ve visited Hayden Valley.

(Bison herd, Hayden Valley)

If you’re lucky you might spot a grizzly or black bear, fox, coyote or wolf.  Elk, …

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Dinosaur Park, Rapid City

06 Dinosaur Park

A good family travel destination in Rapid City is Dinosaur Park.  It was one of the first free tourist attractions in the Black Hills region, opening in 1936. The park was designed to divert travelers traveling to and from Mount Rushmore into Rapid City.
The dinosaurs in the park were designed by Emmet Sullivan, who also created the Christ of the Ozarks statue in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Dinosaur Park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 21, 1990.
Dinosaur Park is located at 940 Skyline Drive, high on a ridge overlooking Rapid City.  On a clear day the park provides views that extend for dozens of miles east to the Badlands.  When we visited it …

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“Pic of the Week”, July 9, 2021: Storm over Salt Lake City

00 Storm over Salt Lake City

We were shopping in an outdoor mall in Salt Lake City when the previously clear sky begin to get dark to the north. A storm was approaching and it moved on us rather quickly.
In a matter of minutes, the heavens opened and buckets of water drenched the area. A few minutes later the storm moved on and a rainbow emerged.
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Salt Lake City’s McCune Mansion

00 McCune Mansion in Salt Lake City

One of the most memorable buildings in Salt Lake City is this lovely mansion sitting atop a small hill in the city’s downtown.  The house was built by Alfred and Elizabeth McCune in 1900.  It was intended to be an extravagant place and they were successful in achieving this.  It’s inspired by a home the McCunes had seen in New York City.  
The home site was chosen because of how it rose above the street. The exterior is made of red Utah sandstone. Interior decorations included mahogany from San Domingo, oak from England, red roof tiles from the Netherlands, mirrors from Germany, and Russian leather. The home was completed in 1901 at a cost of one million dollars — adjusted …

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The Keeter Center, Branson

Keeter Center, College of the Ozarks 03

One of the most unusual colleges I’ve ever visited is the College of the Ozarks, and within that campus one of its most interesting buildings is the Keeter Center.
The Keeter Center is a beautiful multi-functional building that features excellent dining (the reason we visited the college was because the restaurant was so well regarded and recommended), a hotel, and an events center.  What makes the Center so unique is that it is staffed by college students who use their labors to “pay” for their studies as part of the College’s Work Education program.  By working 15 hours a week, students earn their tuition and can graduate college debt free.
Dobyns Dining Room is a beautiful space that …

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Driving through Montana’s Big Sky Country

01 Big Sky Country, Montana

If you’ve never taken a drive through Montana, I’d highly recommend it. Eastern Montana is part of the great central plains, with wide-open scenery and endless views of “Big Sky Country.” The western part of the state is filled with the amazing Rocky Mountains.
During our last drive through Montana I snapped some photos of the scenery through the windshield and windows. Here’s some of them:
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