“Pic of the Week”. July 5, 2013. Statue of Liberty


I thought it would be nice to feature photos of the Statue of Liberty on this Independence Day Holiday (USA).

I don’t think there’s a symbol of America more iconic than the Statue of Liberty.  Situated on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, it offers wonderful views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey and Ellis Island.  A gift from the people of France, the statue has greeted immigrants and visitors to America for more than 150 years.  It’s now under the protection of the National Park Service as National Monument and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The statue was closed the past few years, partially because of internal restoration efforts, but more recently due to the sequelae of Hurricane …

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New York: A small bite of the Big Apple

1) New York City — Arrival terminal at JFK airport

New York is one of those vast cities you could live in all your life and never experience half of what’s interesting to do. So the best you can hope for on a short three day visit is to sample some of what it has to offer. That’s all we managed to do — nibble at the massive buffet that is the Big Apple.

There are so many great travel destinations in New York, it’s difficult to decide how to discuss them in a short blog post like this. We were staying near Times Square so, of course, we wandered past the flamboyantly lite jumbo-trons many times and enjoyed a musical theater production on Broadway (“…

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New York Harbor: Lady Liberty turns 125!

1) New York Harbor — Statue of Liberty

Often the best travel experiences are those which catch us by surprise. I spend a fair bit of time researching and planning my trips, but love to stumble onto unexpected and memorable events. Like when our visit to Kandy in Sri Lanka coincided with the Perahera and we enjoyed the parade of elephants and performers. Or after a long tiring day of canoeing in the British Columbia rain, watching the skies clear to one of the most memorable sunsets ever. Or watching a perfect sunrise from the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. These unexpected experiences are an important part of what makes traveling so great.

And so it was when Sylvia and I visited the …

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