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Sicily’s Colorful Cart Art

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Sicilian carts have a long history, dating to the time of Greek occupation when they were used to haul goods inland.   They were especially popular around a hundred years ago, until they were all but completely replaced by automobiles and trucks in the 1950s.

What makes these carts unique is their colorful decorations.  Some carts have carvings, some have have paintings, all of which tell stories about Sicilian history and folklore.

We came across this collection of carts and related art while walking in an alley in Palermo.  I thought it interesting that even three-wheeled trucks had decorations similar to the carts.

Carretto_Siciliano. Courtesy of Filippo Piazza and Wikimedia
(Carretto_Siciliano. Courtesy of Filippo Piazza and Wikimedia)

I found the photo above on Wikimedia, which shows how lovely the carts and horses are when in full ceremonial display.

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