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Exploring the Fjords of Patagonia: 8) Feasting at Sea

10 King Crabe served on mote wheat with cilantro dressing, grissini with herbs

My final post for this adventure into the Patagonian fjords of Chile focuses on the very wonderful food we were served aboard the Australis.  We received three meals a day in the ship’s dining room mostly (as I recall) buffet style, including hearty breakfasts with a large choice of items, a tasty lunch, but no question the highlight of our culinary day was dinner.  We had four dinners aboard the Australis and I found each of them photogenic enough to be “documented”.  I never planned on making a blog of what I ate, so I didn’t photograph everything — just those items that looked wonderful (and were!)

Besides the very tasty meals, the service of our crew throughout the ship was terrific.  Thanks for helping make our explorations of coastal Patagonia so memorable.

Here then is a photo-essay of our dinners:

1) Day 1
Appetizer:   King Crab salad with couscous and avocado mousseline.

Entrée:  Grilled Antarctic sea bass fillet with mashed peas and confit tomatoes.


Dessert:  Crème Brule


Day 2:

Appetizer: Beef carpaccio, with dijon mustard dressing, Parmesan cheese, capers & artichokes.


Entrée: Grilled southern hake fillet with southern-style marinade.


Dessert: Bitter chocolate mousse


Day 3:

Appetizer: Shrimp brochettes with tomato juice, guacamole, and toasted garlic bread.


Entrée #1:  Grilled salmon, capers, fava beans with butter and sliced potatoes.


Entrée #2:  Leg of lamb, fava beans with butter and sliced potatoes.


Day 4:

Appetizer: King Crab served on mote wheat with cilantro dressing, grissini with herbs.


Entrée #1: Beef filet tournedos with hunter sauce, mashed potatoes and oriental style vegeatables.


Entrée #2: Grilled conger with tomatoes capers, olive oil, mashed potatoes and oriental style vegetables.


The food is not the only reason for going — I’d have to rate the scenery and experiences we had exploring Patagonia even higher — but it was very delicious and memorable and definitely enhanced the travel experience.

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