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Around Nuwara Eliya

02 Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is unlike most of the destinations you’re likely to visit in Sri Lanka.  Situated in the Hill Country at an altitude of 1,868 m (6,128 ft) , the city is at the heart of Sri Lanka’s important tea growing industry.  It’s also the country’s most important center for vegetable growth.  In fact, the farm land on which vegetables are grown is more expensive than much of the land in nation’s capital of Colombo.  

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya

The city was developed by the British during the period of Colonial occupation in the 19th century.  Besides its importance as a tea growing area to the British, the cool temperate climate appealed to them as it was similar to that back home.  Nuwara Eliya …

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A visit to the Celestial Seasons Factory, Boulder


My younger son is a PhD student at UC Boulder (astrophysics of all things) and visiting him has given me the opportunity to explore this pretty little city recently.  It’s got some nice attractions, especially it’s close proximity to the Rocky Mountains and a great summertime farmer’s market But there are many Americans who think of tea when they think of Boulder. You heard that correctly — a tea factory in America’s heartland.

Celestial Seasons may not be the biggest distributor of tea in the USA but it unquestionably has the most devoted following and is the country’s largest supplier of herbal teas.  I know several people who would have trouble going to …

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Sri Lanka: A Land Like No Other (Part 10) Adam’s Peak

Sri Lanka —  10) Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak (also known as Sri Pada, or “holy footprint”) is located in the southwestern part of Hill Country.  It’s 2,243 meters (7,359 ft) high, the tallest mountain in this region and the fourth largest in Sri Lanka.  Because of its size and distinctive pyramidal top, Adam’s Peak stands out when one is traveling through the region; on a clear day it can be seen from the ocean.  The mountain is set in a region of wilderness so much of its vegetation and fauna are pristine.

I was first introduced to Adam’s Peak in Arthur C. Clarke’s book, THE FOUNTAINS OF PARADISE (which also features Sigiriya, hence the title).  In this story a mountain bearing an uncanny resemblance to Adam’s Peak is the earthbound terminus of Arthur’s …

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Sri Lanka: A Land Like No Other (Part 8) Hill Country

Sri Lanka —  8) Hill Country

I grew up on the glaciated plains of central Canada, land as flat as a pancake, and vividly recall my first visit to the mountains as a child, that being a trip to the Banff.   I was fascinated by the Rockies, have loved mountains ever since and go out of my way to visit them whenever possible.

The coastal regions of Sri Lanka are fairly flat.  Given that and the relatively small size of the island, I was surprised to see what impressive peaks (over 2500 m high) are situated at its center.  These mountains, lush and green, are known as the Hill Country and a visit here is mandatory for anyone traveling to the island.  The temperature stays cool year round (people who live here actually own …

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