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A visit to the Greenwell Coffee Farm, Kona

08 Greenwell Coffee Plantation

Kona coffee is world famous for its full-bodied, non-bitter, bold flavor.  Hard to put the taste into words, but it’s good coffee!  The micro-climate just south of Kona, around 1000 – 2000 ft above sea level, is perfect for growing coffee beans.  The volcanic soil is fertile, the days sunny and warm, the nights cooler, and with frequent light afternoon showers — exactly what coffee thrives on!

Coffee grows on small trees, generally trimmed to bush size.  It’s a fruit known as a cherry which is red when ripe.   Much smaller than the bing cherries you buy in the store, the pulp of the coffee cherry is scanty but sweet — quite tasty and rich in antioxidants.  Most of the …

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Sri Lanka: A Land Like No Other (Part 8) Hill Country

Sri Lanka —  8) Hill Country

I grew up on the glaciated plains of central Canada, land as flat as a pancake, and vividly recall my first visit to the mountains as a child, that being a trip to the Banff.   I was fascinated by the Rockies, have loved mountains ever since and go out of my way to visit them whenever possible.

The coastal regions of Sri Lanka are fairly flat.  Given that and the relatively small size of the island, I was surprised to see what impressive peaks (over 2500 m high) are situated at its center.  These mountains, lush and green, are known as the Hill Country and a visit here is mandatory for anyone traveling to the island.  The temperature stays cool year round (people who live here actually own …

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