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Staying at Rawla Jojawar, India

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One of the joys of traveling in India is to indulge a little and spend a night or two in one of the country’s Heritage Hotels.  These are historic accomodations, often nicely refurbished, each unique in some way.

Rawla Jojawar was once a small fort whose construction dates to the 18th century.  Rawla means ‘abode of the local chieftan’;  Jojawar is the name of the town in which it’s located.  This fort was converted into a Heritage Hotel and is run by the family of the Chieftan who lived here in the late 1700s.  The hotel opened in 2001. 

My room in the Rawla Jojawar

My room in the Rawla Jojawar

The Rawla is quite lovely, and a calm and relaxing place to stay.  The grounds are beautifully and carefully landscaped, and the Rajasthani cuisine served in the dining room was terrific. 

The hotel has 35 rooms, each of unique design.   All rooms are air-conditioned and have modern conveniences.  My room at the Rawla was memorable enough to document in some of the photographs you see below.

One of the old cars at Rawla Jojawar

One of the old cars at Rawla Jojawar

There are lots of things you can do in Jojawar, including a camel or jeep safari, or going for a ride in one of the hotel’s classic antique cars.  The small village of Jojawar in which the fort was situated has prospered and grown into a charming scenic town, delightful for a stroll, which we’ll discuss in a future blog post.

Lastly, a few photos of a lovely old car sitting near the hotel’s entry.  I love coming across old cars like this!  The hotel owns several old cars and we went for a ride through the countryside in one.

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