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“Pic of the Week”, January 3, 2020: The Bounty of Canada’s Great Plains

00 Prairie crops, Manitoba (16)

The great Canadian prairies (and their American counterparts) grow a lot of food.  More food than can be consumed in either country and which is then transported to destinations all around our hungry world.  The Canadian prairies extend from Alberta in the west, to Saskatchewan, to Manitoba in the east.

While driving across the prairies to visit my father in Winnipeg this past year, I made a point of randomly turning up a country road or two, driving a few miles to see what was there.  

One turn lead to field of corn.  Corn is not that common a crop on the prairies and this likely would end up as feed corn for livestock (less likely for consumption in nearby Winnipeg when freshly harvested).  Another turn lead to a more typical prairie scene, that of a large field of wheat.  I feel sorry for people with a gluten allergy because I love wheat products (bread, pasta, pastries).  Wheat, canola and other grains are the main crops of the Canadian prairies.

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