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“Pic of the Week”, February 15, 2019: Arabian Tea House Cafe, Dubai

02 Al Fahidi Historic District (53)

Just outside one of the more interesting neighborhoods in Dubai, the Al Fahidi Historic District, sits a small picturesque cafe — the Arabian Tea House Cafe.  I’d been on my feet for more than three hours and the heat of the day was ramping up, so I thought I’d take a break to rest and get a snack. 

The cafe was situated in a shaded courtyard (shade provided by both trees and canopies) with comfortable tables.  Some sofas for waiting were placed outside and inside the restaurant, so it must get busy at times, although that late morning it was not. Fans moved air around and it was quite pleasant, despite the ambient heat.  The clientele was a mixture of locals and tourists and the staff courteous and attentive.  

On my table sat a bisected green citrus fruit studded with plant seeds of some kind.  I’d never seen this before and when I asked my waiter about it, he informed me it was to keep the flies away (and it seemed to work).

I enjoyed a bottle of cold water and an avocado milkshake — a flavor I’d not previously tried.  The milkshake was served topped with honey and granola and was quite tasty.  After studying my guidebook for about 15 minutes, I was off and making my way to the city’s souks on the opposite banks of the Dubai canal.

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