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“Pic of the Week”, December 29, 2017: Terry Fox Monument, Ontario

04 Thunder Bay (7)

The Terry Fox monument is located on the outskirts of Thunder Bay, just off the TransCanada Highway.  The monument honors a popular Canadian hero.  Terry had a leg amputated as a young man because of bone cancer.  Thinking he was cured, Terry began a “Marathon of Hope” raising cancer awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Every day Terry ran, in his hobbling manner on (by today’s standards) a primitive prosthesis, the full distance of a marathon with his goal being to run the breadth of Canada.  When he was nearly half finished, Terry became ill and had to abandon his quest.  Thinking at first it might just be a cold, Fox and the nation were heartbroken to discover his cancer had recurred and spread.  A nation mourned when he died soon thereafter.

This short video does a nice job of remembering Terry and reminding us of his great character:

The monument sits close to where Terry completed his Marathon of Hope.  It consists of a nine-foot-high bronze statue set on a 45-ton granite base and a foundation of local amethyst, with a great view of Thunder Bay and Lake Superior.  It depicts the provincial and territorial coats-of-arms and symbols of Canada.   An inscription indicates that Terrance Stanley Fox (1958 – 1981) “inspired an entire generation of Canadians with his determination and devotion.”

The monument has a small Visitor Center and rest area.  It is a worthwhile stop to remember a brave young man and to enjoy spectacular views of the world’s largest lake, including its memorable “Sleeping Giant” rock formation. 

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