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Sertoma Park, Grand Forks

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The city of Grand Forks, situated in northeastern North Dakota, is not exactly located on  main tourist paths.  In fact, it’s what most folks would call “flyover” country.  And that wouldn’t bother the friendly people of Grand Forks one little bit.  They know they live in a clean and beautiful city, of which they are rightly proud.

Most of my memories of Grand Forks are from when I was a boy, traveling to it from our home in Winnipeg for shopping weekends.  It had been several decades since I’d last spent any time here and what I found when we recently visited Grand Forks was a pretty city that was extremely family friendly and liveable.

We stopped at Sertoma Park, one of the largest parks in the area, unique in that it features a small but lovely Japanese Garden,  The Japanese Garden was given to the city as a gift from Awano, Japan, part of a sister city project. The Garden includes 3 lanterns made of granite, each with its own name and significance.   The park has picnic areas, a wonderful play area for all kids including those with disabilities (Ally’s Boundless Playground), walking trails that connect to the city’s Greenway, and is a nice place for folks to relax and enjoy themselves.

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