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Signs of Grand Central Market, Los Angeles

03 Grand Central Market Los Angeles

Even though I lived in the Los Angeles area for more than 2 decades, it was not until I moved away from the city that I visited its famous Grand Central Market.  Situated in downtown Los Angeles (on Broadway), near many of the city’s massive skyscrapers and businesses, the market has been a landmark for 100 years (established in 1917).

The market has changed with time and it’s not like most of the markets you’ll visit.  Sales of fresh and bulk food , while a component, are a small part of the operation.  It seems these traditional market elements have been pushed out to make room for more restaurant vendors.  People now go to the market to buy prepared food.   Being a fan of signs, I was captivated by the great variety of neon advertising cuisines of different ethnicities from all corners of the globe.  The market is very busy and crowded and all of the vendors seemed to be doing a great business.  It’s hard to find a table, but when you get one, it’s fun to people-watch.  You can still buy some fresh produce from one vendor….and also grocery type items can be found if you look hard.

Here then are some of the signs we saw at Grand Central Market.  It makes my mouth water just looking at them all.

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