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“Pic of the Week”, August 11, 2017: Niagara Floral Clock

001 Floral clock

The Ontario Hydro/Niagara Parks Commission Floral Clock is situated on the Niagara River Parkway not far from Niagara Falls.  It’s a popular and quick stop for people visiting the area.

The floral clock was inspired by the famous clock in Princess Street Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The Niagara clock is the largest of its kind in the world and is three times larger than the Edinburgh clock.  The planted face is maintained by Niagara Parks horticulture staff, while the mechanism is kept in working order by Ontario Hydro.  Designs for the face of this clock are changed seasonally.

Here are some of the technical specifications: The clock was completed in 1950 and is 40 feet (12.2m) in diameter.  It has a planted area of 38 feet (11.5m) in diameter consisting of more than 24,000 colorful plants (in the winter, colored stones replace the flowers). A 10 foot (3.05m) wide water garden surrounds the clock.  The hour hand is 14.6 feet (4.4m) long and the minute hand is 17.6 feet (5.3m) long; both weigh 500 pounds.  The second hand is 21 feet (6.4m) long and weighs 250 pounds. The clock mechanism runs in a bath of oil and is driven by a 2 horsepower motor.  The clock mechanism, hands, drive system and chimes were designed and built by Ontario Hydro staff.  The time on the floral clock is checked daily to ensure accuracy.  

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