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Cochrane Farmers’ Market

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The town of Cochrane sits in the beautiful Bow River Valley, between Calgary and Banff.  Growing rapidly because of its proximity to Calgary, Cochrane still retains a small town vibe although it’s now home to more than 20,000 people.   The region was originally developed as a ranch, as was much of the western Alberta prairies, and the farmers’ market is still held at the Historic Ranch Site (which you can explore when you’re done with your visit to the market).

While it’s only held during the summer months, the Farmers’ Market is very enjoyable.  It’s busy, but not too crowded, and features locally grown produce and handicrafts, as well as popular food vendors.  You’ll find items here you don’t see at many other markets, like venison, bison and elk meat.  There’s a single lane of vendors along a shady lane, and it’s nice to walk down one side of the displays, then back up the other.

The market is one of the smaller ones I’ve visited and was a very pleasant place to spend part of a Saturday morning.  It’s a convenient stop for folks making their way from Calgary to Banff or Kananaskis Country — a chance to pick up some good fresh fruit and vegetables or a quick bite of lunch.

Here’s some of what I saw when I visited the market:

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