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A visit to Minturn Market, Colorado

01a Minturn Market

Among the pleasures of summer across the northern hemisphere is that farmers markets spring to life for a few months, serving a bounty of fresh produce along with other items people buy at a market, like handicrafts, baked goods, snacks, jewelry and the like.   I’ve grown increasingly fond of these markets over the years, visit them frequently — especially when I’m traveling — and like to share them with my fellow travel lovers!

Minturn is a small sleepy town of just over a thousand residents a few miles west of Vail and a few miles east of Beaver Creek, Colorado.  It’s built along the Eagle River, a popular mountain river with fly-fishermen.  Each Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm during the summer months it hosts a weekly market, the best in the Vail region.  Throngs of people come to the market and, as such, it’s also a great place to people watch.

The market is in a valley of high altitude so most of the fresh produce is brought to Minturn Market from more traditional farming regions in the eastern and western parts of Colorado.  It also has a higher percentage of handicrafts and durable items (e.g. clothes, cooking utensils) than most Farmers Markets I’ve visited (in contrast to, say, the great Boulder County Market).

Besides the market there are a number of interesting gift shops in Minturn and a few nice places to eat.  Count on a half day to visit the market and explore the town.

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