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The Doors of Charleston

23 Doors of Charleston

Besides enjoying grand panoramas of a city, I think it’s good to look at the smaller things, too.  It’s often these that makes a place interesting and reveal a lot about its character.  Details of architecture are among these facets, providing a sense of style, color, sometimes even grace.

My wife has been taking pictures of doors for years.  I have to confess to being sensitized to entryways by her careful eye.  In modern towns and cities, doors tend to be fairly ugly things — prefabricated, mass-produced, often of low quality.  They lack character.  That’s not at all true of older buildings and older cities, like many of those in Europe, and it’s certainly not true of Charleston.  Here the doors are interesting, most custom crafted for that building.

My wife didn’t make this journey to Charleston with me, so in her place I documented some of those doorways that most interested me.  As you can see they vary significantly, from small and functional to large and ornate.

Here then is a gallery of ‘Doors of Charleston’:

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