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“Pic of the Week”, March 27, 2015: Black Rhino, Ngorongoro Crater

1999 Tanzania 001.  Ngorongoro Crater.  Black Rhino

Rhinos are rare and endangered animals, as most people know.  Hunted to near extinction for their horns — used in traditional Asian medicine and for making dagger handles — they now mostly survive in protected areas and zoos.  They’ve made a modest comeback, and hopefully the trend will continue.

I’ve only ever seen 4 rhinos in the wild, all in the Ngorongoro Crater.  They’re magnificent animals — imposing, unforgettable.  In the above photo, the massive lumbering rhino is contrasted with dozens of small, graceful Thompson gazelles (Tommies) leaping across the floor of the crater.  I wish I’d captured the scene on video.  It sort of crystallized the African game-watching experience for me  — the great admixture and fluid interactions of all the animals.

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