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“Pic of the Week”, September 19, 2014: Prague Street Food

Prague 2010 138.  Prague.  Old Town Square, kabobs

In California you might get some bean sprouts, tossed green salad or a tofurkey hot dog.  Or perhaps some very tasty but less healthful Mexican food.  Other cities often have their own unique street dishes.  For example, in Calgary the “Perogie Boys” run a popular food wagon featuring that traditional Polish dumpling.  But that’s not what you’ll find on the streets of Prague.  The street food here is hearty, traditional and substantial.  When we visited the city a few years ago, we tried a few of the items available, including some of those delicious kabobs and sausages.  The hams were warm and smoky and quite good as well.   I think street food was among the best food we had in the Czech Republic.

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