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“Pic of the Week”. January 31, 2013. Whooper and Trumpeter Swans

2014 005 Jan 31c  Whopper Swans

I had a great travel year in 2013, one of the highlights being the large numbers of swans I saw throughout the year.  Never before had I seen so many of them!

While in Iceland we encountered many whooper swans.  They were everywhere — from city ponds, to fields, to streams and rivers.  And they were beautiful to watch!  Whooper swans have a range that covers much or Europe and Asia.

On lovely Vancouver Island and even in my home province of Alberta, I saw thousands of trumpeter swans.  The two photos to the right (below) were taken in the Courtney River Estuary on Vancouver Island, near Comox, where hundreds of them were resting on their migration, enjoying the fresh water.  They are large animals, trumpeter swans being the heaviest bird in North America weighing up to 14 kg (30 lbs).

Among the best things about travel are the small unexpected moments.  Last year the swans were among them…I wonder what 2014 holds?

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