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“Pic of the Week”. January 24, 2014. Killer Whales, Vancouver, British Columbia

2014 004 Jan 24a  killer whales

During the past decade or so, I’ve often encountered colorfully painted animal art on the streets of many cities.  The plasticized animal varies from town to town — sometimes a bear, sometimes a moose, sometimes a deer.  But invariably they’re nice works of art making each of these cities a little more beautiful and interesting.

A few years ago, while visiting Vancouver, I discovered dozens of these killer whale statues around downtown.  All were beautifully decorated and each had a unique personality.  The water off Vancouver’s coast harbors large numbers of killer whales, so their choice as animal mascot is a good one for the city.  These few especially appealed to me — a trio in Vancouver Canuck hockey jerseys (so very Canadian!), and my favorite, Elvis himselvis.  Thought you might enjoy seeing these!

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