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“Pic of the Week”. February 15, 2013. Sunset, National Mall, Washington D.C.

2013-007-February 15

Washington, D.C. is a fascinating place to visit with millions of things to see and do.  You can’t possibly experience it all in one visit, or two, or ever.  From the vast treasures of the Smithsonian to its historic monuments, you’ll never have a dull moment in D.C. (unless you end up talking to politicians or lobbyists).

This photo was taken as we were beginning an evening tour of the city to enjoy the lights on such sites as the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials.  As we were starting the tour the bus drove in front of the Capitol Building, between it and its Reflecting Pool.   This photo was quickly snapped from a slowly rolling bus and captures the Ulysses S. Grant statue in the foreground, with the Washington Monument in the distance and the light of the setting sun reflected in the Pool.   I almost didn’t take the picture and was pleased with how it turned out.

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