“Pic of the Week”, May 8, 2020: A Century of Yukon License Plates

Yukon Transporation Museum (135)

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this display of license plates at the Yukon Transportation Museum.  Where else would you find an actual  (not a custom plate) license plate #2?

Besides its displays of cars, trucks and planes, the museum features an exhibit of a century of Yukon license plates in one of its halls.  Licensing of motor vehicles was not required in this Canadian territory until 1914.  It was interesting to see how little the style of the plates changed, and how small the number of motor vehicles must have been in those early years given the single and double digit plate numbers.  Even today Yukon vehicle plates only have three letters and 2 numbers …

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The Yukon Transporation Museum, Whitehorse

14 Yukon Transporation Museum (86)

I enjoy transportation and car museums, so it’s no surprise that I thought this was one of the most interesting places to visit in Whitehorse.  The museum is mostly housed in a large building with several wings, but also spreads onto the surrounding grounds.  The Yukon is large territory, but is sparsely populated.  The museum focuses on those things that made the Yukon Territory what it is today, so there is a heavy emphasis of large machinery, trucks and airplanes — the type of equipment needed to get around in and develop a wild and frozen land.  But the collection goes beyond that.

Diorama of the Chilkoot Pass, Yukon Transporation Museum

Diorama of the Chilkoot Pass, Yukon Transporation Museum

The Museum tells some of the stories of the Yukon’s development, especially of the very important Klondike Gold Rush.  This …

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