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“Pic of the Week”, February 24, 2023: Regina Lace, Saskatchewan

01 Regina Lace

An interesting piece of art is Stephan Braithwaite and Douglas Bamford’s Regina Lace.  It was completed in 2009 as part of a public artwork project and is a two-part sculpture celebrating the immigrant history of Regina.
1) On the east side are nine bronze figures cast from residents of Regina, representing a variety of backgrounds symbolizing the mixed cultural diversity of the city.  Part of this is show in the photo above, with more detail views attached.

(West portion of Regina Lace)

2) The west facing portion is a monolith that appears to be a massive pamphlet filled with stories.  The piece is actually steel plating, a lace pattern worked into its borders.  Sitting at its base is a young African immigrant.
I thought it …

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