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Sunsets in Paradise

Waikiki Sunset 01

One of the most popular spots on Oahu is Waikiki, and that’s especially true of the beach at sunset. Thousands of tourists and locals crowd in for a variety of reasons. Some are there to sunbathe or swim. Others are there to surf or paddle-board. Some come for a sunset sail or cruise. Many more are there just to enjoy the sights and colors of the setting sun. The clouds and weather combine to make each sunset a unique experience.
During my last trip to Hawaii, we spent 3 nights in Waikiki and were always on the beach when the sun was ready to dip below the horizon. The colors were impressive and on this series of images I wanted to …

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Never Forget! A visit to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

01 Pearl-harbor

Pearl Harbor is on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, not far from Honolulu, and is still a functioning naval base.  But it will always be best known as the site of the Japanese attack on the USA that drew the United States into World War II.

One of the most famous American political speeches of the twentieth century was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s address to Congress shortly after the attack.  Here are some of his words:

“Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.  The United States was at peace with that nation and, at

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“Pic of the Week”, April 14, 2017: King Kamehameha and Iolani Palace, Honolulu

Hawaii 3-2008 013

One of the few highlights of old Hawaii still remaining in Honolulu is Iolani Palace.  The palace was built in the 19th century as the royal residence of the rulers of Hawaii, beginning with King Kamehameha, ending with Queen Lili’uokalani (1893).  The building is known for its Hawaiian renaissance architecture and a quality statue of King Kamehameha which sits by the road in front of the Palace.  The site is now open to the public as a museum.

Of interest, it is the only royal palace in the United States.

(Click on thumbnails to enlarge, then right arrow to advance the slideshow)

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“Pic of the Week”, March 31, 2017: Surfing Oahu’s North Shore

Hawaii 3-2008 563

One of the best places to surf in the world is Oahu, especially along it’s North Shore.  The water here is normally rough, with waves of 2 meters being common.  But on rare occasions, when the weather and currents are just right, gigantic waves can form sometimes exceeding 6 – 7 meters tall.  It takes a special breed to face those dangerous giants, but daredevil surfers come from around the world to ride them.

Lots of Hawaiians like to tackle the normal gentler waves of the area, as it was when we’ve visited.  But one day I hope to see those giants…


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Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Oahu

27 Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki 10-2014

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel was one of the first hotels located on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu.  The hotel’s beach offers wonderful views of Waikiki and Diamond Head, the island’s extinct, iconic volcanic crater.  It is one of the few ‘older’ places in a city that has exploded with new devlopment in the past half century.

The Royal Hawaiian is known for its bright pink color, hence the nickname, “The Pink Palace of the Pacific”.  Its design has a Moorish influence and the complex sits on 15 acres of land, most of which is a beautiful tropical garden.  The hotel has 400 rooms, each with a balcony, and was built to accommodate the growing number of wealthy American …

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The Dole Plantation, Oahu, Hawaii

Dole Plantation 10-2014 (84)

You’ll find the Dole Plantation on the drive from Honolulu to Hawaii’s North Shore, about 40 minutes north of Waikiki on the Kamehameha Highway.  If you’re staying in Honolulu and want to get “out of the city” for awhile, especially with children, a fun day trip would be to the Dole Plantation, one of the island’s most popular tourist destinations with more than a million visitors a year.

A Brief History of the Pineapple in Hawaii

The pineapple was given its English name because of its resemblance to a pine cone.  Christopher Columbus was the first who brought this plant, native of South America, to Europe.  For centuries pineapple imported to America’s seaside towns was a treat; a fresh pineapple displayed on …

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“Pic of the Week”, July 17, 2015: International Market Place, Honolulu

Hawaii 3-2008 017  International Market Place

I’m saddened to share with you photos of a place that isn’t anymore.  The International Market Place in Honolulu has been torn down to make way for an upscale mega-mall.

Oahu is not my favorite Hawaiian island mostly because it’s dominated by Honolulu, a large busy tropical city similar to many others around the world.  But within this city there was a nice place, a island of shady banyan trees.  Here you could talk to pleasant people running small cart-shops, you could buy inexpensive gifts, or patronize hole-in-the-wall restaurants where you could have a nice meal, or a place to sit, rest, and cool down.

When we visited Honolulu last fall we found the site of the International Market Place boarded up, …

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Wahiawa Botanical Garden, Oahu

00 Wahiawa Botanical Garden

I’m fond of exploring parks and libraries in the cities I visit, for different reasons.  Libraries are fun because I love and collect books, and because the quality of a city’s libraries tells me a lot about that city’s priorities.  Parks are places of escape, especially appealing in largest busiest cities because I quickly tire of wall-to-wall concrete.  An oasis of green is an amazing balm for the soul.

While visiting Oahu recently we  stopped by the Wahiawa Botanical Garden situated in a small town on the outskirts of Honolulu (and a convenient stop on the way to the Dole Plantation or the North Shore).  It’s one of five small parks under the supervision of the Honolulu Botanical Gardens and is …

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