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Perspectives on East Africa: 3) Lake Manyara National Park

1999 Tanzania.  Lake Manyara 001

The last safari destination we visited in Tanzania was Lake Manyara National Park.  We left our camp after breakfast and drove the Ngorongoro Crater Rim Drive through misty rain-forest   We stopped for some memorable views and then left the Ngorongoro Crater.  After having spent a week in the wilderness, the transition to “civilization” was abrupt and not pretty, with many poorly kept homes, scrawny domesticated animals, and lots of people.  We drove east past farming fields, though with no crops really growing  — off season, I guess (normally corn, wheat, millet and coffee are grown).  There were many towns and villages but no cities and also no wildlife.

By late morning our travels bring us to Lake Manyara National

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