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The Iceman and the Biscuit, Cardston, Alberta

00 Remington Carriage Museum, Cardston

Sitting on the grounds of the Reynold’s Carriage Museum in Cardston, Alberta is a statue of jockey and his mount, seeming to move at top speed while standing still.
The statue captures a moment in time when local boy turned legendary jockey, George Woolf, rode Seabiscuit to one of the greatest victories in horse racing history.  On November 1, 1938, in what was dubbed the “Race of the Century”, Seabiscuit was pitted against Triple Crown winner War Admiral.  During the race Seabiscuit broke War Admiral and as he surged to victory, Wolff turned to War Admiral’s jockey (Charley Kurtsinger) and said, “So Long Charley”.  It’s one of those phrases that has become part of our everyday vernacular.
Another great moment …

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.All Trips / Alberta / Central Canada / North America

A Visit to the Remington Carriage Museum, Cardston

00 Remington Carriage Museum, Cardston (114)

Every now and then a trip takes you to fascinating destinations in the least expected places.  Most people visit Cardston because of its close proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Waterton Lakes National Park (Alberta) and Glacier National Park (Montana).  Little did I expect to find a world-class museum in this town of less than 4,000 residents.
The Museum tells the story of horse-drawn wagons in North America and is the largest museum of its kind in the world.   Most of the collection deals with wagons and carriages from the 19th and early 20th century, when horses provided the main means of transportation.  You’ll be impressed by the depth of the collection, with more than …

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“Pic of the Week”, May 3, 2019: Whitehorse’s Horse

01 Whitehorse Stallion (1)

Erected near the public safety building on Two-Mile hill in Whitehorse is a horse crafted by Yukon artist Daphne Mennel.  You’ll see it as you drive into the city from the airport.  The piece is made of what appears to be scrap metal, which it is, but the community prides itself that all of the horse’s components were donated by Yukon residents.  For example, the magnificent tail is made from electrical cable donated by Yukon Electric , with many other interesting building blocks ranging from a frying pan, an anvil, a radiater, garden utensils and more. 

The horse statue has a great view of the city and surrounding hills.   To me it symbolizes the spirit of the people of the …

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