“Pic of the Week”, August 15, 2014: Graceland’s Hall of Gold


It was 37 years ago (August 16, 1977)  that legendary performer Elvis Presley died.  Elvis’ influence on popular culture in the mid 20th century is hard to overstate, and he left a broad range of recorded music that endures.  Like millions of his fans, I remember precisely where I was when I heard the news of Elvis’ death (Geyser basin, Yellowstone National Park).  Elvis’ music has been a blessing in my life; I never grow tired of listening, and it always seems fresh and new.

I’ve twice visited Elvis’ Memphis home, Graceland.  The first visit was just a few years after it opened to the public and the second decades later.  I was surprised to see how Elvis’ fame had not …

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Travels with Elvis (Part 2). A visit to Graceland


3764 Elvis Presley Blvd.  It’s an address many Elvis fans know by heart because, as you’ve certainly guessed by now, that’s where you’ll find Graceland.  Graceland is THE place every Elvis must visit at least once in their lifetime.  Not only was it Elvis’ home for 20 years, it has more artifacts and memories of his life and career than any other place on the planet.  It’s important to Memphis’ economy as Graceland is the second most visited home in the United States, second only to the White House.  With the constant flow of Elvis fans, there’s a lot of tourist dollars coming to this fairly poor region….and always having been supportive of Memphis, Elvis would …

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