“Pic of the Week”, December 12, 2014: Bushmill’s, Northern Ireland

Antrimi Coast 95 Bushmill’s Distillery

On April 20th, 1608, King James I granted a license to distill whiskey at what is now Bushmills Distillery, which claims to be—and likely is —the oldest licensed distillery in the world.

Besides a tour of the distillery and an education on the process of making triple-distilled whiskey, there are a few features I remember quite vividly about visiting Bushmills.  First, that the Irish don’t produce their own oak aging barrels — they buy them used, mostly from bourbon distillers in the southern USA and sherry growers in Spain (imparting some of the color and flavor of the original product to Bushmills).  Beyond that I was very impressed by the profund British influence in Northern Ireland.  Witness the typical English phone booth and mailbox in these …

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A Visit to Ireland: Part 10) the Antrim Coast

Antrimi Coast 005d Dunluce Castle

Rivaling the magnificent Dingle Peninsula or Ring of Kerry for scenic beauty, the Antrim Coast is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist destinations.  We’ve previously discussed Portrush and the Giant’s Causeway on this blog, both attractions located on this stretch of Ireland’s coast; now we’ll look at some of the other places to enjoy on the Antrim Coast.

It’s fair to say that a major attraction here is the coast itself — simply driving along it to enjoy its scenic beauty, as we did.  You can travel along the Antrim Coast most of the way from Portrush to Belfast, although most would agree that the very northern part just east of …

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Lynchburg: A visit to the Jack Daniels’ distillery


One of the favorite destinations in south-central Tennessee is the Jack Daniel’s distillery, situated in the small town of Lynchburg.  It’s about an hour and a half drive south of Nashville and an excellent day-trip destination if staying in Music City.  The journey to Lynchburg is pleasant, through the rolling wooded hills of Tennessee which seem not to have changed much since Davy Crockett was hunting and exploring in them.

We had no preconceived expectations and it turned out we were most pleasantly surprised by what an interesting visit this was.  The distillery is a charming complex in a lovely wooded setting beside a small creek.  It has an attractive modern Visitor Center where you can browse …

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