“Pic of the Week”, November 7, 2014: Krumlov Castle, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov 010.  Castle Tower

Today’s featured pictures highlight Krumlov Castle in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city of Český Krumlov.  The historic core of Český Krumlov has 300 protected medieval era buildings, but its biggest landmark is its amazing castle complex, the second largest in the Czech Republic (only Prague’s is larger).  The Castle’s tower dominates the scene at 180 ft tall!.

The Castle is not only the town’s most prominent visual landmark, but it’s epicenter.  Český Krumlov was built around this castle, founded by the Lords of Krumlov (Vítkovci family) around 1253 AD.  This family was a branch of the powerful Witingonen family, which had a five-petaled rose in its coat-of-arms (which you can see on the small banners in the accompanying photos); the Witingonens were …

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Cesky Krumlov: A Stroll thru a Medieval Town

Cesky Krumlov —  A Stroll thru a Medieval Town

My first view of the southwestern Czech town of Český Krumlov (pronounced CHESS-key KRUM loff — from now on I’ll just call it Krumlov, as the locals do) was from Castle hill above the town.  Having just spent a week in the wonderful city of Prague, I thought I might have developed some immunity to historic beauty — but I was wrong.  The small town of Krumlov is magical!

Separated by a 2 1/2 hour drive, Prague and Krumlov have some things in common.  Both are exceptionally well preserved historic sites spared the ravages of bombing in WWII.  Like Prague, Krumlov is dominated by a large castle on a nearby hill (which over the centuries was home …

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