“Pic of the Week”, January 17, 2014. The “back streets” of Venice, Italy

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As much as possible I like to take some time on my travels to explore the less-touristed regions of the popular cities I visit.  In some cities you need to be very aware of your own personal safety when leaving major areas, so be cautious in doing so.  In other cities, like Venice, it’s very easy to explore on your own.  Being an island, you can wander at will and even if you’re lost, it won’t take you but a few minutes to get somewhere that will be familiar to you.

While we think of Venice as an island, it really is an amalgamation of hundreds of smaller islands into a larger island community, with lots of canals and bridges connecting …

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La Dolce Vita (Part 5) Venezia (Venice)

La Dolce Vita 5) Venezia (Venice)

So it was finally our time to visit the legendary travel destination of Venice.  With increasing excitement we journeyed from Florence through Tuscany and finally over the long bridge to this island city.  I usually try not to have ‘great expectations’ about big name travel destinations because I’ve often been disappointed by them; fortunately this was not the case with Venice.  When we walked out of the train station it seemed that we were walking onto another beautiful planet named “Ocean”, not “Earth”.  The sky was a mesmerizing blue color and there were no roads or cars — just boats cruising along the calm waterways of the Grand Canal, past elegant old buildings.  If there’d been …

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