“Pic of the Week”, December 11, 2015: Bernini’s Elephant and Obelisk, Rome


My wife and I love to visit Rome!  While walking to the Pantheon from the Forum, we passed a curious and playful sculpture of an elephant and above it, an obelisk.  These were in a square very near the Pantheon, just outside a church.

After our visit, we did a little research and discovered this sculpture, named Elephant and Obelisk. was designed by the great artist, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, arguably the greatest sculpture since Michelangelo.  The elephant was probably executed by Bernini’s assistant, but it’s clear Bernini had a hand in its design.  The Egyptian obelisk was uncovered during nearby excavations — the ancient Romans were fond of bring obelisks back from Egypt.  The completed composite work of art was unveiled in …

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La Dolce Vita (Part 2) Rome: A City in Renaissance

La Dolce Vita 2) Rome —  A City in Renaissance

After the fall of the Roman Empire around 500 A.D., Rome entered a dark age that lasted a thousand years.  During this time the only stability and leadership was provided by the Catholic Church and the Pope.  But with the Renaissance, spilling from Florence into Rome, a period of rebirth began and a new Rome emerged which eventually developed its own unique Baroque style, fueled by the brilliant art of Bernini.  Renovations and new buildings, elegant fountains and art flooded Rome and, with time, it became the energetic city you can visit today.

You can spend weeks exploring today’s Rome, but there’s a lot you can see and do in a few days.  …

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