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Wandering the Lanes of Palermo

One Clue Mystery 2

Palermo is an ancient city at least 2,700 years old,   Of course it has grown and modernized over the years, but it has an old and gritty quality to it.   I was charmed during our rambling to see how many narrow roads and lanes persist.  It reminds me of cities that were laid out in medieval times.

Many of the lanes are quite narrow, in places narrow enough that a standard car might have trouble navigating the passage.  For that reason alone its worth exploring on foot, where you’ll experience the true personality of the city.  Here you’ll discover people’s homes, cafes, small restaurants, and children playing in the road.  There aren’t many places like it that I’ve encountered in my travels.

For this blog I assembled a gallery of some of the narrow roads and lanes of Palermo.  I hope you find them interesting.

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