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“Pic of the Week”, January 7, 2022: The Manitoba Maritime Museum, Selkirk

00 Manitoba Maritime Museum

Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised by things you didn’t know existed.

So it was when I came across all these beached ships off the bank of the Red River in the town of Selkirk, slightly north of Winnipeg. I’d lived in Manitoba for the first 24 years of my life and had no idea it was there. My dad and I were on a drive exploring the local roads when we spotted it — dad can’t drive a car anymore but still loves to go for a ride, so I try to take him around as much as possible when I visit. The scene was surreal, these ships crowded together as if warming themselves on this cold snowy day.

This is the Manitoba Maritime Museum. I need to return on a nice day in the summer and revisit the site and explore these ships and learn more of their history. It was just too cold to do it then.

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