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Jama Michalika cafe, Krakow

00 Jama Michalika Krakow

It was a cool damp fall day when my brother and I explored the King’s Road area of Krakow. We’d wandered around for a few hours and were looking for a cozy place serving something warm and good to eat.

We came across the Jama Michalika cafe, established in 1895.  It was warm and pleasant, if a little dim inside, but the decor was unusual and interesting and the café definitely had historic appeal.  The café had been a gathering place in the early 20th centuries for artists, actors and “modern thinkers”. 

The food was terrific! My brother enjoyed a bowl of borscht and I had some tasty dumplings (perogie). After lunch we headed to Krakow’s fabulous Market Square.

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