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“Pic of the Week”, May 21, 2021: Predjama Castle, Slovenia

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There are lots of castles in Europe, but Predjama Castle in Slovenia is different than most. It’s the largest cave castle in the world and is very close to the popular Postojna Cave complex, so you can comfortably visit both sites in one day, as we did.

Predjama Castle was originally built around the 13th century.  The castle we see today was constructed in the 16th century by its then owner, an Austrian knight know as Hans Kobenzl.  Today the castle is a museum which highlights life in the 16th century.  There is a fee for entry to the museum, and to the caves behind it.

What most strikes you when you first see the castle is its picturesque setting against a 123 m high cliff, and that parts of the castle extend into a cave entrance.  Beneath the castle the Lovka stream runs into another cave.  These caves provide access to an underground cave system which can be visited only by guided tours.  

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