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“Pic of the Week”, March 26, 2021: Kungsträdgården, Stockholm

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Kungsträdgården (the King’s Garden) is a popular park and public space in the center of Stockholm, not far from the Royal Palace.  It dates to the Middle Ages and, just like the city in which it resides, has changed a lot over the centuries.

This place is popular with the Swedes and you’ll likely find it busy, especially in the warmer summer months when a covered stage hosts many popular events such as concerts.   There are rows of benches for sitting and a variety of cafes and restaurants you can enjoy.

In the colder weather you can explore a popular Christmas market on December weekends, or a skating rink.

I was especially fond of the following fountain, by Johan Molin. It was originally made of plaster for the Scandinavian art and industry exposition in 1866. The fountain was popular and ended up being cast in bronze, being reinstalled at its original location. It was getting dark when I visited and it was hard to get decent contrast in my photos of the Molin Fountain, but I think you can appreciate some of its fine details.

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