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South of Broad, Charleston

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South of Broad is a novel by Pat Conroy, which I read years ago.  The book is set in Charleston, in the popular and historic part of the city situated south of Broad Street.  Like all of Conroy’s books it focuses on an interesting cast of characters, but the title of the book stuck with me.

The area south of Broad is located between the Ashley and Cooper Rivers and is a residential neighborhood filled with beautiful antebellum homes dating back as far as 1721.  The real estate of the neighborhood is pricy, it being unlikely you could purchase a home here for under a million dollars (repeated beatings by future hurricanes are thrown in for free).  It’s a charming area to explore on foot!  Along its edges you can enjoy nice views of Charleston Harbor.

Map, South of Broad

Map, South of Broad

The last time I visited Charleston I made a point of walking the streets South of Broad, wandering the cobblestone lanes and enjoying the lovely homes and gardens.  This post is a gallery of those buildings and sights that most interested me.  It’s organized in no particular way except in the order of how I came across things.

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