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“Pic of the Week”, September 11, 2020: Hillbilly Hot Rod, Murdo

06 Murdo, South Dakota (7)

We pulled off the freeway to get some gas and walk the dogs as part of our road-trip to the Ozarks.  Murdo, South Dakota, is a small sleepy prairie town of a few hundred residents, and we didn’t have any plans to do anything except take care of our personal and pet needs before returning to the highway.

As I was filling the tank I noted that across the street was a parking area which contained several older vehicles, and I wanted to have a closer look.

Mostly these were cars of about 1970s vintage, but there were a couple of unusual beasts.  The oddest among these was a Frankenstein type of hot-rod, made of welded and bolted together odds and ends such that it was unique among mechanical creations.  The owner had given this car two titles.  I like “Hillbilly Hot Rod”, which you’ll find across the spoiler on the hood,  but it was also labeled “Bubba-Lin Krude” on the back tail-gate.  More the kind of car you’d expect to find in Cuba than in the USA.

An attractive old Ford — likely a 1920s era Model T — was parked on a trailer nearby looking like it was moving to a new home.

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