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“Pic of the Week”, March 13, 2020: Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg City

Luxembourg 2013 118 Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace is the official home of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.  It is here that most of his duties as head of this small country are executed.

The building, which has a beautiful Renaissance facade, was originally the city hall of Luxembourg City (1572 – 1795).  During the 19th century it served a variety of administrative functions.  In 1890, following an extensive renovation, the palace became the home of the Duke and Duchess.

The Nazis occupied the palace during the 1940s and turned it into a tavern.  During the occupation, it was damaged and much of its furniture and art were stolen or destroyed.  It was extensively restored in the 1990s and today is used as the Duke’s residence, for state banquets, and for accommodation of guests of the state. 

Since 1966 soldiers of the Military of Luxembourg perform formal guard duties.  Guided tours of the interior are available only during July and August, but as we visited in the spring this was not an option for us.

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