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“Pic of the Week”, January 17, 2020: Moose Jaw’s, “Mac the Moose”

05 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (10)

Situated just off the TransCanada Highway, besides the city’s Visitor Information Center, is a massive statue of a moose know as Mac.   Mac the Moose was built in 1984, stands 32 feet (9.8 m) tall, and for a long time was the largest moose on Earth.   Mac has become somewhat of a roadside landmark for those who enjoy visiting such sites (I admit to this guilty travel pleasure). 

Moose Jaw is very proud of Mac.  Then, horrors of horrors, a larger moose was constructed in Stor-Elvdal, Norway.  That moose — known as Storelgen —  was completed in 2015 and is a polished stainless steel structure that is 30 centimeters (about a foot) taller than Mac.

The good news is that Moose Jaw will not be beaten!  It’s looking at ways to make Mac the largest moose in the world yet again.  People are considering enlarging his antler rack, putting a mounty hat on his head, or even putting him on roller skates.  We’ll see how he gains those valuable 30 plus centimeters.

You can learn more about the “controversy” at this link.

Sitting close to Mac is an old Snowbirds jet.  The Snowbirds, Canada’s elite military aerobatics squadron, is stationed in Moose Jaw.

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