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“Pic of the Week”, January 10, 2020: Lassiwala in Jaipur

03 Lassiwala Yogurt shop, Jaipur

 ‘Lassiwala’ is an Indian term for someone who makes lassi, a thick sweetened yogurt beverage.  This particular shop in Jaipur is the best known in the city and is considered by some to have the finest lassi in India.  It has been visited by politicians, celebrities and many thousands of tourists.  LassiWala has been serving its famous drink for over 70 years. 

We visited the shop very early one morning, just after dawn.  The place already had several people waiting for their drink, which is scooped from a large bowl when ordered.   The beverage is cool, frothy, refreshing and delicious.

Lassi is served in hand made red clay cups (mitti ka kulhad) of the kind so common in Rajasthan.  Once used, the cup is thrown away and its clay returns to mother earth.  

There are no tables at LassiWala — it’s a take-away drink.  Quantities are limited and once the daily lassi production is sold out, the shop closes (so arrive early to avoid disappointment).  Regardless, the shop opens shutters itself no later than 4 pm. 

I’m a little cautious about buying unpasteurized milk products, but our guide assured us it would be safe even for gringo stomachs, and I never suffered any ill effects.

A recommended stop for those visiting Jaipur.

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