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“Pic of the Week”, December 13, 2019: Radovljica Chocolate Festival

00 Radovljica Chocolate Art

I was unaware that the small city of Radovljica, home of Slovenia’s famous bee-keeping Museum, was home to a chocolate festival until I saw this piece of street art sitting near the main town square.

I did a little research and found this event is fairly new, starting in 2012.  It is held over a weekend in early April of each year, usually on the weekend after Easter.  Chocolatiers from all over the country and some from neighboring countries show up and feature their wares.  You can buy “tasting” coupons that let you sample the delicious assortment of chocolates.  My mouth waters just thinking about it (confession — I am a lover of fine chocolate)

Besides palate tempting displays of chocolate, the event features concerts, cooking shows, and many other types of family-oriented entertainment.   

I visited in the fall, months after the festival was held last year.  But if you’re considering a trip to Slovenia and love chocolate, I’d keep attending this festival in mind when planning your itinerary.

The following video gives you an idea of what the festival is like:

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