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“Pic of the Week”, December 28, 2018: The Coffee Museum, Dubai

05 Al Fahidi Historic District (85)

The Al Fahidi Historic District is one of the few surviving older neighborhoods within Dubai.  It’s quite a charming area which has been refurbished and modernized, and contains a variety of shops, cafes and some small museums.

One of the museums is dedicated to coffee.  It’s a small privately owned museum that displays the owner’s private collection, including historic items related to coffee making and drinking, such as old coffee grinders, pots, roasters and other coffee-related memorabilia.   Some of the items reflect the history of coffee consumption around the world.  There’s a small library with books based on coffee dating back as far as the 18th century.  And there are some Emirati-style majlis (sitting rooms) also on display.

Coffee is an integral part of many cultures, including Arabic traditions of hospitality.  Upstairs there is cafĂ© that brews a robust (a.k.a. strong) cup of coffee, a reading room, and children’s play area.

Here are some of the items on display in the Coffee Museum:

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