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An Evening Stroll in Barrio Santa Cruz

An Evening walk in Santa Cruz, Seville (50)

My wife and I spent a fun week in Andalusia with our two dear friends from Germany, Bernd and Monika, whom we’d met some years back while on safari in Botswana.  We’d arranged to meet in Seville, we arriving in a rented car and they in their RV.  Our first rendezvous was near Seville’s glorious Cathedral, in Barrio Santa Cruz.  This neighborhood was once a busy and crowded Jewish Quarter but, as with much of Europe, few Jews remain today.  Instead, Barrio Santa Cruz has become an area popular with tourists looking to experience the “real Seville”.

What you’ll find when visiting Barrio Santa Cruz is a pleasant neighborhood of narrow lanes arranged in a maze-like manner, charming homes and restaurants, small but lovely plazas, and pleasant gardens framed by orange trees.  You won’t find any cars here — the lanes are much too narrow for this.  In fact, there’s places you can touch the two buildings lining the lane by stretching out your hands (so called “kissing lanes”, as the buildings are close enough to give each other a smooch).  These narrow streets provide welcome shade on warm summer days, though it was already quite cool on the spring day we visited.

Restaurant in the Santa Cruze neighborhood, Seville

Bernd and Monika knew a former co-worker who was living in Seville with a Spaniard friend, and it was these two who helped us navigate the maze of Barrio Santa Cruz, pointing out the sights and finding the choice spots for us to enjoy.  Highlights included stops for tapas and wine at several tapas bars.  It was a pleasant if cool evening, mostly sunny but with scattered thundershowers. 

Here’s some of what we saw during our stroll that evening…

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